Data Analytics

There is large amounts of data being fed online, today. ‘Big Data’, to say the least, has been a game changer for businesses across sectors. Data available freely and publically, can be used to track audiences, customers, their journeys, why they make certain decisions, what they like or dislike, how they engage with each other, how they engage with brands or how their brands are being perceived.

Analyzing such data helps to understand a great deal about the business and its customers. Based on these insights, brands can implement well-engineered marketing strategies that will ultimately improve their brand image and grow their business’ bottom lines.

Social Listening and Social Monitoring are two techniques we will use to anaylse data on social media platforms.

At Soctail, we will help gather such data, analyze it for you and provide you with useful insights to advance your business.


Based on data analytics and our understanding of the brand, Soctail will provide with you a range of strategies and techniques to help meet your business goals.

We will perform a thorough brand and market study to give you the current scenario and what you can do in the future to better your business.

We create buyer personas, to learn about your customers better.

We conduct social marketing audits to analyze and understand the brand’s current social media standing and what it can do benefit from social channels.

We can help you draw up your digital marketing goals and objectives from scratch.

We will monitor competition, help you keep up with latest marketing trends, provide customer insight and identify the best influencers and media outlets for your brand and provide you with an overall strategy of how to advance your brand with digital marketing.

Online Branding

Every brand has a story. What’s yours?

We believe that the personality of the brand is what resonates with people.

We believe people like to talk to people. Not brands.

To humanize your brand, with the right name, logo, website design and content, we will help you set a tone, a voice and a personality for your brand. Name and Logo

We will help you create and manage your brand’s reputation online.

Content Marketing & SEO

Content is the most powerful tool in the marketing industry. Whether it is websites, blogs, social media channels or newsletters – the content you share speaks volumes about your brand and its relationship with its customers.

We create a variety of content like infographers, pictures, videos, memes and gifs, depending on the requirement of the social platform and the tone of the brand and company.

We believe in storytelling via content creation.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, today, is not just a social media platform where people interact with eachother or reconnect with old friends and family. Facebook and other such platforms are spaces where people share realities of their lives, via posts, pictures, videos, share what they like or dislike, engage with their choice of brands, share views and opinions, sell or buy products or even use it as a source of news.

Social media platforms have evolved into sites of humongous interaction, advertising and marketing.

Brands have begun using their Twitter platforms as their customer care platform where they respond to queries or make announcements.

Brands interact with their customers through their pages on Facebook, whilst encouraging users to share branded content to further promote themselves.

Digital Advertising

Audiences don’t mind ads. They have a problem with ‘irrelevant ads’.

Digital Advertising will help your brand advertise itself to a targeted audience that wants to learn about your brand and provides those readers with engaging and relavant information.

We provide ttools like GoogleAdwords and Facebook Lead Advertising that help establish these goals.

What is an advertising campaign, without knowing how well or badly it has performed? We further provide you with a in-depth analysis of the key performing metrics of your digital advertising campaign.